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Staff Directory

Mr. C. Molcak [email protected] Principal
Mr. T. Kuc [email protected]
Vice Principal
Students with last names A-K
Ms N. Logan [email protected]
Vice Principal
Students with last names L-Z
Ms D. Turmel [email protected] Business Manager
Ms. Mary Lawrence   Indigenous Grad Coach
Mr. Michael Antoine [email protected] Indigenous Education Worker
Ms. Anita Gray [email protected] Indigenous Education Worker
Ms. Caralyn Hoffman [email protected] Indigenous Education Worker
Ms. Stacey Third [email protected] Indigenous Social Worker
Ms. C. Hofferd [email protected] Students with last names L-Z
Ms. R. Walser [email protected] Students with last names A-K
Mrs. C. Hicks [email protected] Sr. Secretary
Ms. L. Dunn [email protected] Secretary
Ms. P. Dawson [email protected] Student Information System Officer
Mrs. M. Heal [email protected] Library Clerk
Mr. B. Kenner [email protected] Computer Systems Analyst
Ms. J. Brade [email protected] Laboratory Technician
Ms. A. Devauld [email protected] Youth Care Worker
Ms. T. Kozak [email protected] Youth Care Worker
Ms. M. Karlson Ms. K. Grant Ms. S. Ramm Ms. D. Wenkoff
Ms. L. Amaral [email protected] 2302 Languages
Ms. C. Anderson [email protected]    
Ms. E. Babstock [email protected] 1226  
Mr. J. Bailey [email protected] 1604  
Mr. R. Bennett [email protected] 2602 Socials : Infotech
Ms. K. Brochu [email protected] 2209  
Ms. C. Castle [email protected]    
Ms. L. Chaisson [email protected] 1302  
Mrs. M. Dugdale [email protected] 1214  
Mrs. K. Edwards [email protected] 1304  
Mr. M. Empey [email protected] 2410 English
Mr. J. Ford [email protected] 2205 Math
Ms. C. Furlan [email protected] 2206  
Ms. P. Ghosh [email protected] 2304 Languages
Mr. S. Harris [email protected] 2202 Science
Mr. M. Hunter [email protected] 2111 Science; Math
Mr. K. Jorgensen [email protected] 1606  
Mx. B.A. Jull [email protected] 1210  
Ms. J. Kitt [email protected] 1408  
Mr. J. Kondratuk [email protected] 2102 Science: Math
Ms. M. Lawrence   1104 Socials 
Mr. R. Lockhart [email protected] 2414  
Ms. T. Mackenzie [email protected] 1410  
Mr. J. Mangan [email protected] 2606  
Mr. H. Manhas [email protected] 1501  
Mrs. H. McCannon [email protected] 1602 Woodworking
Ms. J. McManus [email protected] 1001 Home Ec
Mr. M. Mohns [email protected] 2107 Science
Ms. D. Muise [email protected] 1401  
Mr. A. Nielson [email protected] 1503  
Mr. N. Novak [email protected] 1502  
Ms. H. Perry [email protected] 2207 Socials: Humanities
Ms. R. Pillipow [email protected] 1110 Outdoor Rec
Mr. S. Porter [email protected] 1301 Football
Ms. E. Prouse [email protected] 2412  
Mrs. K. Radway [email protected] 1412  
Mr. C. Sdoutz [email protected] 2204 Math
Ms. J. Stewart [email protected] 1102  
Mr. C. Todd [email protected] 2203 Math
Ms. J. Warkentin [email protected] 2106 Science
Ms. P. Wincure [email protected] 2208 Math
Mr. G. Woolgar [email protected] 2106  
Ms. L. Andersen [email protected]
Ms. M. Bourque [email protected]
Ms. K. Brushey [email protected]
Ms. A. Cumpstone [email protected]
Ms. K. Hampton [email protected]
Ms. B. Hill [email protected]
​Ms. K. Hirvi [email protected]
Ms. S. Marjoribanks [email protected]
​Ms. K. McLaren [email protected]
​Ms. C. Naeth [email protected]
​Mr. D. Nucich [email protected]
​​Ms. S. Proctor [email protected]
​​Ms. S. Redmond [email protected]
​​Ms. P. Young [email protected]